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Our business is in telecommunications; Test, Protection and CCTV transmission equipment. We also design bespoke electronic equipment using the latest technology.

Our products are used mostly in the Telecoms, Power Generation, Transport and Health Industries. Many of our products and designs are being used daily in supporting the Communications and Security infrastructure of the UK.

Test Equipment

Uplec has been designing test equipment for over 20 years. Have a look at our Product Archive for past products or browse our current Test Equipment. If you require data sheets or have a technical query please contact a member of our team

Protection Equipment

We offer a range of telecoms protection equipment in various configurations. Our range of power isolation equipment has been sold across the world to the likes of British Telecom, Cable & Wireless and Transpower. We are always happy to assist in custom design and implementation of our Telecoms Protection Equipment, so please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.


To complement our offering of Test and Telecoms Protection Equipment, we have our in-house designed Accessories. The items have sold across the world and are the standard for some telecommunications companies. We offer custom design services for accessories so if there’s something you require, we can either source it from our international supply chain or collaborate on a custom design.


We are currently working with customers and our research & development group on new products and designs for increased Broadband capacity and improved protection of Telecoms circuits.



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