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Electronic Repair & Support

Uplec is proud of its track record in the field of electronic repair and support. We have supported our own world leading high technology products together with equipment used, owned and operated by many of our customers.

Some of the equipment currently undertaken for repair and support includes; high technology fibre optic multiplexers and decoders, high bit rate digital pattern generators, computer based signal analysers, switched mode and analogue power supplies, and analogue amplifiers.

Our repair department is always willing to discuss particular items for consideration for immediate repair with the option of long term support. We offer total support for repaired items with normal warranty conditions and can manage contractual support requests through various channels including our online portal. We can also provide more complex support arrangements like warehousing/fulfilment and disaster recovery support.

We work closely with our customers and will advise on, for example; the appropriate methods of repair and redundancy /lifetime expectancy for the particular equipment requiring repair. If there are new products available which would provide a more cost effective solution than repair, we are able to advise on this if appropriate. For time critical repairs of essential components we can offer sameday delivery on an exchange basis, if that is the requirement.

There are a number of very important stages in the repair and support process and we are always willing to discuss these with our prospective customers to ensure that they receive the best outcome for their requirements. We can fall back on over 30 years experience in the electronics industry, having been involved with many well known corporate organisations like British Telecom,3M Corporation, Network Rail, Aeroflex and Scottish Power, for example. Their requirements have been diverse and this demonstrates the versatility of our repair and support skills.

As a totally integrated organisation who offer both design & manufacturing, Uplec can offer critical comments on any electronic & electrical equipment. Supported by failure mode analysis, we often provide our Customers with solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of their products for little extra cost, if this is their requirement.

Our quality system is fully compliant with the latest relevant ISO specifications and we operate this in every area of our activities. We provide full traceability on all repairs and components (current and historical).

Our Product Archive section on this website provides a flavour of our past successes. Presently we have over 20,000 pieces of electronic measuring equipment in use today and we repair and support them when necessary.

We always welcome new repair and support challenges so please contact one of our specialists today. 



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