About Us

Uplec Industries

Uplec has kept at the forefront of industry; designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting innovative electronic equipment and accessories. The Product Archive displays some of the market leading technologies that Uplec developed by their design and development teams as well as collaborations with 3M, British Telecom, UK Ministry of Defence and more.

Company History

Robert Parry established Uplec in 1979 based in Oswestry, Shropshire, in the UK. The initial growth of the business was through custom designed electronics for UK businesses such as Air Products, GPO, Barclays Bank plc and more. Uplec has continued to provide innovation in the Telecoms, Defence, Medical and Manufacturing Industries

Our Vision

As a developer of the communications infrastructure in the UK starting in 1979, Uplec has provided several world firsts. Along with its product innovation strategy, Uplec is focussed on developing technologies in; wireless, optical and wired communications, digital & optical signal test equipment and telecoms power isolation equipment. Uplec’s vision is to provide these new technologies to both the European and international markets.

Our Capability

As a growing small business, Uplec is able to support large organisations with its lean product development and assured support services. The technical capability of the design & development and test departments are enviable across industry for their focus on delivering customers’ requirements to exacting standards in both technical innovation and governance.

Technology and Solutions