LIU units are primarily for use on PSTN circuits requiring ADSL service and high voltage line isolation. The units are designed to act as isolation devices for telecom lines that may be subject to a ‘Rise-of-Earth-Potential’ thus protecting line plant, exchange equipment and personnel from any high voltage surges up to 30kV that may occur.
Our FWDM systems add an extra channel usually to incorporate a new fibre optic based system (e.g. switches) whilst maintaining a legacy link. Typically the legacy systems would be on 1300-1310nm and spread over a 30nm bandwidth. We supply high spec SFPs to work with our FWDM solutions and are MSA compliant providing the best option to add new 1Gb/s, 2.5Gb/s, 5Gb/s and 10Gb/s capacity in the 1470-1610nm range.
Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) is a tried and tested technology at adding considerable capacity over a single dark fibre. Our offering comes in 4 different formats to allow customers flexibility in siting the systems, be it in roadside cabinets, telephone exchanges, office server room or data centres. Our passive system enables 4 separate devices to communicate on their own channel via a single fibre up to a distance of 120km in 1Gb/s and 80km in 10Gb/s. This system is essential if adding another fibre is unfeasible.
These small optical module transceivers provide unparalleled transfer speeds between switches and networking components. The versatility allows them to expand or adjust existing networks without redesigning the original infrastructure. We provide a plethora of SFP’s including both singlemode and multimode fibres. Unless stated otherwise, all SFPs are industrial temperature rated from -40C to +85C.
Our optical networking systems are based around the need for network expansion whilst economising on the cost of additional fibres. Utilised in metro area, cross country and campus our systems are reliable and secure.
This is a collection of equipment that can be quickly assembled or inserted into standard 19" cabinets or racks.
Our fast patching system for telecoms uses a 19" frame by 1U height to combine many different patching solutions.
Power supplies and power distribution units for the commercial, industrial and extended applications. Used widely in surveillance and rack based infrastructure.
We offer a variety of patch and crossover cables ranging from 0.5m—10m, with an RJ45 connection. Our cables are manufactured with a moulded style boot which provides strain relief and prevents the cable becoming loose from the plug. Unless stated otherwise, all cables have LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) outer jacket, with SFTP (shielded foiled twisted pair) stranded cable and shielded connectors
Accessories for our systems and customer favourites