Twin Line Isolation Enclosure 4906A

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The Enclosure 4906A is designed to house two Uplec model 4409A (also known as PCMT MKII) Isolation Transformers (supplied separately).

The Enclosure contains screw terminals for the transformer leads and an earthing point for the transformer mounting metalwork. This metalwork provides a safety barrier between the transformer line terminals (which may be exposed to high voltages) and the terminals available for local use.

The Enclosure is supplied intact and sealed. Cable exit points and sealing glands have to be provided by the customer.

External mounting brackets are supplied which enable the enclosure to be mounted onto a wall or other flat surface.




Dimensions: Height: 185mm

Width:  270mm

Length: 360mm  


Enclosure Material: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic


Enclosure Colour: Grey (RAL 7042)


External Mounting Bracket Material: Stainless Steel


RoHS Compliant: Yes





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