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PCM Isolation Transformer – Type PCMT


The transformer is designed to provide 15kV r.m.s. isolation between the primary and secondary windings. It will also permit the simultaneous transmission of digital CCITT signals up to 2.048 Mbit/s, operating in 120 ohm Digital Line Systems.



Input and Output Impedance: Nominally 120 Ohms


Input Inductance:

(High Voltage in series or Data pair in series – output open

circuit) Not less than 4.25mH.


Primary to Secondary

Measured with primary windings in series and shorted.

75pf ± 5%


Rise Time  (Loaded pulse response): 


Measured between 10% and 90% levels. Not more that 30nS.

Insertion Loss:


Less than 0.2dB between 10kHz to 2MHz

Less than 0.28dB at 3MHz

Less than 0.58dB at 5MHz

Less than 1.4dB at 10MHz


Maximum peak to peak Input Signal(10kHz Sinewave)

40 Volts peak to peak.


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